Lara Croft fans can take on an immersive Tomb Raider experience in the UK next year

Lara Croft fans can take on an immersive Tomb Raider experience in the UK next year

Lara Croft fans can soon take on an epic immersive Tomb Raider experience, complete with puzzles, battles, and heaps of obstacles that let you live out a real-life version of the beloved games.

Opening on April 1, 2022, the Tomb Raider: The LIVE Experience will make for epic days out as you’ll be taken into the heart of the Costa Rican jungles where you test your wits in a number of puzzles, discover an ancient tomb, and escape a sinking ship.

However, no need to travel to exotic far-flung destinations for the adventure, as the new immersive experience will be opening in the UK, in the heart of London’s Camden.

Guests will be invited in teams of eight to join Lara Croft on a pursuit to recover a powerful artefact that has fallen into the hands of a dangerous enemy.

Live actors, vivid sets and heaps of nods to iconic Tomb Raider moments will be on the cards at the new 30,000 sq ft destination in Camden’s Stable Market.

Early bird tickets are already available to buy online on

Prices start from £77 per person for early bird vouchers which let you get priority booking 24 hours before sales open to the wider public, or you can get Deluxe tickets from £99 per person which includes getting your own portrait hanging in Croft Manor at the attraction, as well as priority booking 48 hours in advance.

General admission ticket sales are set to open on December 15 2021.

The new attraction has been created by Little Lion Entertainment, the same group behind the Crystal Maze LIVE Experience. (Which, as you can guess, lets groups of friends take on Crystal Maze-esque challenges to recreate the experience of the show itself).

Tom Lionetti-Maguire, CEO & Founder of Little Lion Entertainment Limited, said of the new Tomb Raider experience: “This experience is a game changer for live experiences! To be working with Crystal Dynamics is an honour and even more special given it’s marking the 25th anniversary of the franchise.

“Not only will people be whisked into a fantasy narrative on this journey, but they will find surprises, adventure and wonderment around every trap—laden corner. ‘Unique’ doesn’t even begin to describe how much this is legendary explorer’s experience is going to take people’s breath away. We make our guests the stars of the action, and what a wild time they are in for here.”