Uncalled defensive pass interference riles up Raiders, Cowboys fans

Uncalled defensive pass interference riles up Raiders, Cowboys fans

Ten days ago, a flagfest at AT&T Stadium between the Raiders and Cowboys resulted in four defensive pass interference calls against Dallas defensive back Anthony Brown, prompting Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to decry “throw up ball.”

On Sunday, the Raiders tried to play “throw up ball” with the game on the line. This time, the officials weren’t throwing down a flag.

They should have. Washington cornerback Bobby McCain PULLED THE JERSEY of Raiders receiver Zay Jones, who had gotten behind McCain and had a shot at a touchdown. And it wasn’t a Hail Mary scenario, which supposedly triggers different interference rules — even though the rulebook makes no distinction. It was one guy running down the field, tracking the ball and being impeded by someone PULLING HIS JERSEY. (Did we mention that someone PULLED THE JERSEY of Zay Jones?)

It should have been a foul. It would have changed the game, giving the Raiders a chance to kick the potential game-winning field goal with the ball snapped from the 17.

Referee Adrian Hill was not made available to a pool reporter after the game to explain the non-call. Every referee should be available after every game, just like coaches and players are.

The end result is that the Raiders and their fans are justifiably miffed. Ditto the Cowboys and their fans, who surely would have liked to see Washington fall three games behind Dallas with five to play — especially since Washington and Dallas play each other twice.