Ghost hunter explores abandoned hospital which has grim BODY CHUTE to remove corpses

Ghost hunter explores abandoned hospital which has grim BODY CHUTE to remove corpses

Ghost hunter explores abandoned hospital once used to treat tuberculosis patients – which has a BODY CHUTE where corpses were disposed.

A ghost hunter has explored an abandoned hospital which was once used to treat tuberculosis patients and features a body chute through which corpses were disposed of.

Kalani Smith, 23, from Nashville, Tennessee, wanted to explore Waverly Hills Sanatorium after finding out how big it is and was granted permission to enter the property.

He also filmed the nighttime visit, later sharing it with his TikTok users, many of whom got chills down their spine.

Now a popular spot among paranormal investigators, Waverly Hills Sanatorium first opened in July 1910 and was designed to handle around 40-50 patients at a time.

However, due to the continual influx of patients, by 1926 the hospital had expanded to a four-hundred bed capacity.

In 2021, the abandoned hospital features eerie reminders of its past that fascinates visitors – including a creepy body chute that has a “dark energy”.

Kalani claims the facility also performed experimental treatments that in modern days would be considered “torture”.

“The building has it’s own body chute, which had a dark energy to it, considering it was a 500 foot-long tunnel that was used to send supplies in from the bottom, as well as countless bodies of dead patients that were discreetly removed from the top…,” Kalani told Jam Press.

“There was also the installed solariums which were used to give patients of tuberculosis fresh air.

“This was super impactful because tuberculosis is an airborne bacteria, this meant that they were just accelerating the spread through Waverly Hills.”

By 1961, the discovery of an antibiotic that would treat and cure tuberculosis rendered the facility obsolete.

The building was renovated and reopened as a nursing home, named Woodhaven Medical Services but was closed in 1981.

Waverly Hills remained empty until a new owner bought the property in 2001 with the aim to restore it.

It also has its own post office and water treatment facility.

Not to worry, original elements were retained and according to Kalani, there’s a supernatural vibe to the space.

He said: “… you still get that sense that someone is watching you the moment you enter the doors.

“I think the amount of deaths plays a big part in that, as well as the experimental treatments, they had many experimental treatments that could be considered modern day torture.”

Visits are welcomed but it comes at a hefty cost.

Kalani toured the hospital by himself in an overnight investigation, which lasted from 8pm to 4am and cost £1,000.

This can also be done in groups of up to 10 people.

When asked if anything in particular stuck with him, Kalani added: “The notorious nature of this location made it a must-see to me.

“It lived up to my expectations.

“I am returning in January for another investigation.

“The desire to find more credible evidence of the unknown pulls me to places and I believe Waverly could provide anyone with an experience that could convince them of the supernatural.”

During a TikTok live, Kalani’s audience claimed to hear what sounded like someone saying “hi” and “how are you sir?”.

One person said: “It said both how are you sir and darkness.”

“I hear something way different and it’s not nice,” another user commented.

Someone else added: “I just want to ghost hunt with you!.”

“By all means, don’t replay it” another person agreed.

“Darkness & king, or kill,” added someone else.