People left divided over dad’s bizarre Yorkshire pudding pies filled with KFC

People left divided over dad’s bizarre Yorkshire pudding pies filled with KFC

A dad has gone viral after sharing his unique spin on the British favourite Yorkshire pudding – by turning it into a pie and stuffing it with an array of different fillings, from KFC popcorn chicken to cheese.

Roland May has built up an impressive following on TikTok after creating a number of unusual dishes based on classic British food.

Most recently, the 43-year-old, from Buckinghamshire, turned heads with his rather interesting Yorkshire pudding pie, which he affectionately calls a Yorkshire pie-ding.

The dad-of-four, who currently has more than 286,700 followers, created his first Yorkie pie by filling a pudding with mash potato and smoothing it out with a spoon.

He then added pulled pork, before adding a perfectly round slice of cheese on top, before repeating both steps again. Roland then placed a pastry lid on top of the creation and topped it with egg wash, before placing it in the oven for 20 minutes.

At the end of the clip, the project manager can be seen revealing the golden brown result, before slicing right into the middle of it, to reveal a gooey cross section.

Roland then reveals the golden-brown result and slices his concoction in half to show the gooey, delicious cross-section.

“It tasted seriously good. I went for pulled pork as I had some leftover. I did a Yorkshire toastie video, then suddenly thought that a Yorkie would make a perfect pie base,” the dad explained.

“Fill it and stick a pastry lid on it. The kids loved it. I checked through TikTok and couldn’t see that anybody else had done it. It got a really good response.”

The clip received more than 1.1 million views and after collecting so many positive comments, Roland decided to create a number of different variations of the dish, including one which featured a filling of KFC popcorn chicken.

“Yes mate that looks incredible,” while another suggested: “You need to make your own puds mate you can’t use ant Bessie’s up here.”

“Nah that’s a Yorkshire lasagne pal,” a third commented, while another said he deserved to go “straight to jail” for creating the concoction.