Labrador squeals with excitement when owner mentions the magic word

Labrador squeals with excitement when owner mentions the magic word

When it comes to putting your all into cardio, this dog surely takes the crown.

Scout, a Labrador cross Catahoula leopard dog, shows just how much energy she has in this incredible display of athleticism and enthusiasm.

The excitable dog’s reaction when she first hears the word “run” from her owner was amusing enough as she repeatedly lets out an adorable high pitched squeal.

But viewers are then shown how powerful the dog is as she begins to sprint, pulling her owner along with her.

As the Lab cross is first shown on camera, her owner utters the magic word and she’s off, bounding around the garden in excitement.

She changes into her harness and waits impatiently at the gate for her owner, barking as she jumps.

Once the two leave the garden, Scout has to hold back just a few more seconds before she gets the signal to set off properly.

But once the dog gets the go ahead, she wastes no time, instantly beginning a full sprint, dragging her owner along on a skateboard behind as she goes.

The rest of the clip shows just how fast and for how long Scout can carry her owner behind her, in an impressive feat of athleticism.

Scout is even careful to look back and check on her owner at every turn, showing she is caring as well as full of energy.

The video was uploaded by TikTok user @thisisscout, and the clip was a huge hit on the video sharing platform, with over 550,000 views and over 120,000 likes.

Viewers were impressed with Scout’s energy, with one user commenting: “I think she was a sled dog in a former life. She loves it!”

Another commenter wrote: “I just love hearing her squeaky bark of excitement and pure joy when she first starts to pull.”

A third added: “I love how your dog keeps looking back to see if you’re still good.”

Scout isn’t the only energetic Lab to have garnered attention on social media recently, after Duke’s reaction to going to potty in the garden tickled Facebook users.

The Labrador was incredibly excited after using the backyard to go to the toilet, sprinting all round the grass and the decking.

Duke’s owner was very amused by her dog in the clip, praising him as he bounded round the garden.

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Another Labrador cross to have enjoyed TikTok success of late was Jake, whose habit of taking a torch with him to use the toilet in the dark amused viewers.

Jake takes the torch from his owner before being let out into the garden to use the toilet.

The clever dog uses the trick to combat his fear of the dark, obediently bringing the torch back to his owner when he is finished.